Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Tossing around ideas in class about PLN's helped me to get some other perspectives. I was able to talk about somethings that I felt were important and to also see some sides that I had not thought of on my own.

A few basic things that we all agreed on was the following
-There a huge lack of understanding and knowledge among teachers about using technology in the classroom and no one in the school systems seems to demand it.
-Teachers need to use technology to educate the students, and to be effective they need to get creative even if it means going outside of the comfort zones of parents.
-Students crave technology as an educational tool and teachers need to make it available.

As a future teacher this means that I need to do whatever I can even if it means to pave the way in my future school for using technology. It won't always be easy but someone has to do it.


  1. very nicely said!

  2. I think you put this very well and it is so very true.

  3. I completely agree that using technology will effectively get the attention of students.