Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Green is the new Black

Above is a video PSA that I collaborated on with fellow classmates. The topic that we went with was, going green and being more environmentally friendly.

I had  fun creating this video. It was interesting to get ideas about how to do the video from my classmates and it was also interesting to get feedback on my ideas. I had never used a flip camera before and was excited to see what one could do.

Once the video had been edited I was happy with the end product. I think that it conveys our point about going green in a subtle way.

I thought this was a cool project and would be interested in doing something like this in other classes and on other topics.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cool Tool

A review on the educational tool Kidspiration,

K id friendly
I nteractive
D esigned for different age levels
S tudent based learning
P ictures for kids to look at
I s adaptable for kids with special needs
R elatable to many different subjects
A udio support provided
T hinking skills developer
I ntegrates pictures and writing ideas
O h so easy to use
N ever boring

Enough said?

Museum Fail

Sorry to say this but I wasn't at all impressed with an educational tool called Museum Box. It is essentially a cube that you can place text, graphics and video around the sides. I guess I understand the concept but it didn't seem all that cool to me.

After seeing the demonstration done by a classmate I left feeling unimpressed and that bothered me. (Not at all the fault of the student.) I thought maybe I hadn't been able to get the full gist of the program in the 5 minute demonstration. So I went home and a few days later I checked it out on my own. I went through many of the examples on the site and even watched a video demo. I found that all the boxes they had on the site were incredibly dull and uninformative. Anyway, all in all I don't really see this as something that I would use in my classroom.