Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cool Tool

A review on the educational tool Kidspiration,

K id friendly
I nteractive
D esigned for different age levels
S tudent based learning
P ictures for kids to look at
I s adaptable for kids with special needs
R elatable to many different subjects
A udio support provided
T hinking skills developer
I ntegrates pictures and writing ideas
O h so easy to use
N ever boring

Enough said?


  1. Love the accents on this blog. "coolest Blog on the block", the cool icon. Way to run this town!

  2. Awesome way to present the material. Caught my eye and drew my attention.

  3. I love how this blog is colorful. It stands out and is something I would use in the future!

  4. I enjoy staring at the kidspiration, the colors mesmerize me.