Thursday, October 6, 2011

Technology in Education

My first time using Google Docs was an interesting experience. I was surprised to find out actually how useful it was. My first thoughts were that it would be a hassle and difficult to have multiple people trying to put together and edit a document. I was pleasantly surprised when it was very easy. Once we came up with a game plan and mapped out what portion of the document each was to complete things went smoothly.

The best part in my opinion was how convenient it was to work on the document on our own time while still having the capability to keep in touch with what the others were doing. While each person was editing it was easy to see by the color of the cursor who was responsible for the editing. Another nice feature was the possibility to chat with the other members.

All in all I think its a wonderful tool to use inside the classroom.
What are some things that you liked about Google Docs? Can you share any cool tips and tricks?

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