Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Story Jumper

A program called Story Jumper is something that I could really see myself using in my future elementary classrooms. We all remember writing our own story books and diligently doing the illustrations for these books. What could be cooler than integrating that with technology? With story jumper your students can write their own stories and pick the graphics that they like to go with it.  One of the most impressive parts is that your students can still draw their own pictures and upload them onto the pages! You can even add personal pictures. Creativity, originality and technology all in one.

I did start to create my own book and found that its easy and fun! I did not have any problems with the layout or inserting the graphics. I can see where some educators might prefer to have the students practice writing and drawing on their own. For those teacher I might suggest having their students do a traditional book and one Story Jumper book. I just barely skimmed the surface of what this program can do. Check my book out here.

I was also trying to think of other ways to integrate this into the classroom I came up with the following
-Journal/self reflections with graphics or original illustrations
-A collections of stories in one place for example, fables, poems etc.
-A book filled with a collection of student art or photography

You really could find many cool things to do with this program, and I look forward to using this or something similar in my classroom!


  1. VERY VERY COOL. This could be used to make PSA's, visual how to essays, lab reflections, math word problems . . . wow.

    Still can't tell from the post who you are. Change your profile name.

  2. I could defintely see this being used in the classroom, especially with kids who have trouble drawing and even printing.

  3. I love this tool, i think kids would love useing it in the classroom.